Lighthouse Map Tarkov: A Comprehensive Guide


Escape from Lighthouse Map Tarkov is a different testing region that offers players many chances and impediments to test their abilities. This guide will give you a top-to-bottom gander at this guide, featuring key areas, tips on how to deal with this landscape, and tips on enduring it.

Map Overview

Escape from Lighthouse Map Tarkov is located on the winding shorelines of Tarkov, containing a multitude of varied terrain. From the towering lighthouse itself—a beacon for adventurers and a source of advantage—to the aggressive cliffs and beaches that flank it and the village around it, no matter where you are on the map, you’ll have to navigate significant danger, opposing players, and valuable gear to get out of this region in one piece.

Key Locations and Why They’re Important

  • The lighthouse—is a landmark and ideal vantage point for spectators and daring players, which will contain strategic valuables. The uppermost terraces and the surrounding cliffs and beaches are rich with potential encounter distance and cover.
  • The village—This small village, nestled near the lighthouse, will be critical to maintaining your lockdown. There are buildings to explore, gear to pillage, and an escape to plan.
  • The road to extraction—The entire way down from the lighthouse and the village will be fraught with danger. Strategize your move to reach these more forgiving, less permissive spaces or engage your enemies in overwatch positions and sniper hallways.

Survival Strategies

  • Understanding the map—It may be the most important aspect of surviving on the lighthouse map. Knowing where the dangerous and beneficial parts of the map are can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Combat: Engaging enemies will be a game of knowing when and how to escape and engage your foes. Retreat to a more advantageous position or make a hasty yet careful attack on an undesirable target.
  • Loot while you can Escape from Tarkov is a game of time, and there isn’t much of it. Get the valuables to continue managing your inventory and have what you need to survive and escape.


Escape from Tarkov’s lighthouse map—as you are likely to find out for yourself—provides a rewarding challenge. By learning its many routes, main destinations, and various modes of survival strategy, you’ll be able to strategize more effectively and set yourself up for long-term success.


What makes the lighthouse map unique in Escape from Tarkov?

The lighthouse map is distinguished by its blend of natural and artificial landscapes, providing a complex and varied tactical environment. This diversity offers players numerous strategic options and challenges, making each engagement distinct and engaging.

How can players navigate the challenging terrain of the lighthouse map?

To effectively navigate the lighthouse map, players should utilize high ground for better visibility, quickly learn the layout, and use the lighthouse as a point of reference to orient themselves when needed.

What are some key survival strategies on the lighthouse map?

Keeping up with situational mindfulness is urgent for endurance. Appropriate stock administration is fundamental to guarantee you have vital assets while leaving space for significant plunder. Choosing engagements wisely and making the most of the terrain for tactical advantages are also key strategies.

How important is looting in the lighthouse map, and what should players prioritize?

Looting remains a critical aspect of gameplay, especially during the Escape from Tarkov PvP event. Players should prioritize essential survival items and high-value gear. Extra medical supplies can be particularly useful, but managing inventory space is important to maintain tactical flexibility.

What are the dangers players should be aware of on the lighthouse map?

Besides the gamble of tumbling from the slippery territory, players should be cautious of different players and simulated intelligence-controlled adversaries. Hidden sharpshooters and ambushes are normal, and natural elements like downpours and haziness can influence permeability and mindfulness. Caution and strategic movement are essential to navigate these dangers successfully.

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